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ANWR Battle Continues: this time Republicans want to imply that the Dems hate our troops

Dear Sierra Club Supporter,

Protect the Arctic - Call Your Senator Today!It's been a long battle to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil companies and their allies in Congress. Today the fight has taken yet another unbelievable turn.

In a desperate last-minute effort to pass widely opposed legislation, a group of Senators led by Senator Stevens from Alaska -- the man who brought you "bridges to nowhere" -- has slipped Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling language onto the Defense Appropriations bill.

Please take five minutes to call your Senators immediately and express your strong opposition and outrage to this scheme.

Tell your Senator that:
  • The Defense Appropriations bill is the wrong place to decide controversial policy issues or to approve a scheme that would spoil a national treasure forever. This legislation is intended to support our men and women in uniform and should not be hijacked by those who are pushing drilling in the Arctic Refuge.

  • This sneaky back-door maneuver by pro-drilling politicians is nothing but a desperate attempt to hold the legislative process hostage. It is particularly outrageous given that this bill funds our troops in a time of war.

Every minute counts today. Call your Senators RIGHT NOW at (202) 224-3121 and urge them to do everything in their power to stop the drilling lobby from hijacking the Defense spending bill with Arctic Refuge drilling.

And, please, forward this email to anyone you know who might be willing to help. Maybe the cartoon below from this week's Sierra Club Insider will help get the point across.

-- Sierra Club

Ted Rall's Sneak Attack

This plan is so evil only a Rethuglican can come up with it, notably Ted Stevens. They're going to dare the Dems to try to filibuster it (I believe you can filibuster a defense spending bill) and if the Dems take the bait, the Rethugs will point that the Dems don't "support the troops."  
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Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said if the ANWR drilling language is in the defense spending legislation Democrats would argue it violates Senate rules because the provision is not related to defense issues. "The (Senate) parliamentarian will rule in our favor," Reid told reporters.

Interesting development...
That's a faint ray of hope. Thank you!