USC Kitty (ucsbclassics53) wrote in save_anwr,
USC Kitty

House Opens Way for Oil Drilling in Arctic

The ANWR provision was attached to a major defense bill, forcing many opponents of oil and gas exploration in the barren northern Alaska range to vote for it. The bill, passed 308-106, also included money for hurricane relief and bird flu preventive measures.

Democrats complained that they were being forced to accept ANWR drilling with their vote on military spending and hurricane relief.

The Republicans hit a new low, using our troops as political props while claiming to oppose that very notion. They knew that no one wants to oppose the troops, and that this was a perfect, cynical plan to paint Democrats as tree-hugging hippies who want our troops dead in order to save ANWR. This was a win-win situation for if the Democrats caved into the interests of the oil companies, a major hurdle to open ANWR would be achieved. If the Democrats stood their ground, the Republicans could appeal to the American people, claiming that Democrats are holding Osama Bin Laden's water by opposing money for guns and armor for our troops, even though with the $300 billion already being spent on the war, our troops STILL have to buy their own body armor.

In addition, putting the Hurricane Katrina relief provision in there was just another cynical move to try to get the Dems to put aside their opposition to ANWR drilling for fear of being labeled as heartless and inconsiderate of those poor hurricane victims, even while conservatives are balking at the cost of rebuilding New Orleans.

Not only that, but the Republicans prove that they are willing to trample on the rights of the Gwich'in (the indigenous people who live in the region) which would also violate international law.

I truly despise Republicans (those in power) and their servicing of special interests like Big Oil. Getting a blowjob from an intern is nothing compared to the raping of our environment in the name of the almighty dollar. Hasn't Big oil made enough profits by now? Bush still wants to preserve the tax cuts to an industry that made record profits, even if it meant cutting social programs, showing how much this administration is out of touch with the interests of the people.
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