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Missing Maps, a Video, and the Wit and Wisdom of Tom Delay

Elaine Supkis over at Culture of Life Energy News, points out a recent New York Times article, which raises some ominous consequences:

"In 1978, when a Democratic Congress passed the Alaskan Wildlife Act and Jimmy Carter signed it, they also had a detailed map created to delineate the boundries of this natural refuge. The map for this was stolen and the GOP doesn't want to know who stole it or even if it was stolen.
"To go on, the map is important because it is legal. All other maps are not legal so the GOP has rushed into the breach and declared their new map outlines to be the original and of course, all that oil is outside the domain of the park, not inside."

"Some people argue that the native owners, the Kaktovik Inupiat Corporation, which controls much of the surface rights to the land, and the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, which controls the mineral rights, would be able to offer energy leases no matter where the lines are drawn, as soon as Congress opens the plain."

A short Video on the Arctic Refuge


A Sept. 25, 2003 issue of the Capitol Hill newsletter Roll Call House quoted Majority Leader Tom Delay telling a closed door meeting of the House leadership that the fight over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was in reality a battle over whether  "energy exploration will be allowed in similarly sensitive areas in the future." Delay said, "It's about precedent."

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